About Us

Delfin English Online School is a well-known educational provider from Dublin, Ireland where our headquarters and main school are located. For more than 15 years we have been teaching English to international students from all around the world. We are recognized by several international organizations who endorse our modern and effective approach to English language learning.

Our goal at Delfin English Online School is to provide our students with the highest possible standards of English language education and to equip them for the globalised world.  We want our students to develop the confidence and fluency in English to engage comfortably in real-life situations from conversations to lectures and business conferences to birthday parties!

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Our Story

Delfin English School was founded in Dublin by Gareth Butler in 2005. Since then, we have welcomed thousands of students from all over the world to our school.

Our central aim all along has been to provide fantastic classes and excellent service to our “Delfiners” in an enjoyable and social environment. Our school thrives on diversity and fun, based around a core of excellent classes. We provide a top-notch academic environment with highly qualified teachers to guide our students in their English learning development.

It has always been our pleasure to meet people from many countries in our Dublin and London schools, and we look forward to continuing to meet you at Delfin Online.

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Life at Delfin

The students at Delfin not only develop their English skills in a classroom environment but also outside in the real world. They have the opportunity to meet and interact with students from across the globe. Here at Delfin, we even celebrate different cultural events promoting diversity and social well-being. We expose our students to the community by organising day trips to other parts of the city and hosting parties to help them adapt to the new environment and people.

Here is what Life at Delfin English School looks like

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