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Why Delfin Online English School?

Why Choose Delfin English Online?

We have over 15 years of experience and expertise in teaching English to international students.

Our courses are taught by qualified and experienced English language teachers.

You can start at Delfin Online English School and swap your classes to face-to-face ones, in our modern school in Dublin, whenever you want.

You will receive a course certificate from Delfin English School (Dublin, Ireland) when you complete your course.

Delfin English School is certified and recognized by international organizations such as ACELS in Ireland, and The British Council in the UK.

What We Offer

The mission & goals of Delfin English Online School

Our courses at Delfin English Online School are designed to give you the opportunity to excel in the four core skills of the English language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

You will have access to a vast range of specialized materials and tools to help you in your learning development.

Your teacher will focus on helping you to progress in the areas that you feel are most needed. Additionally, during your online course, you will have access to our academic department to ensure that your goals are always achieved.

Delfin English Online School Objectives


You can set specific targets to be met throughout your course. For instance, If you plan to attend an international university, you can choose either our Cambridge or IELTS preparation classes, where you will learn the techniques to help you achieve the result you need to take the next step in your career.

Similarly, If you are just starting your English learning journey or you want to build your confidence and fluency in the language you will begin in our general English classes.  Here you will learn the skills you need to develop your English for both career and life.

Whatever your goal is, we here at Delfin English Online School will work together with you to make sure you achieve it!


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